Francesco Di Fiore


Endless research and continuing development are among the most important qualities that a composer might have.


Francesco Di Fiore, pianist and composer, was born in Palermo. He studied with Harald Ossberger, Bruno Canino, Peter Toperczer and Eliodoro Sollima. He studied in Vienna and Prague. In 1986 he started his concert career performing hundreds of concerts worldwide.
He is author of contemporary music of post-modern post-minimalist area. Alongside music for piano, his compositions include chamber and orchestral music, film soundtracks and stage music.
In 2011 he created an original and enormous project called Miniature 2011 in which he composed a new piece each week and presented it on the internet. The project yielded 53 compositions totalling around 210 minutes of new music. His albums are released by Dutch Label Zefir Records.

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  • 17 December 2016

    Concerto Ostinato for piano and orchestra

    Ostinato is an Italian term translated as stubborn, obstinate. It isn’t difficult to imagine how this meaning can be applied to a musical concept. The “ostinato” in music is the persistence of a rhythm, a bridge, a riff, an effect. My (brand new) Concerto Ostinato, for piano and orchestra, explores through its six movements the idea of ostinato in different ways. To get an idea please listen to some excerpts from all movements. Please get the link by clicking on “read more”.

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  • 10 December 2016

    Quattro Canti for guitar and orchestra: new video

    Quattro Canti, concerto for guitar and orchestra, is part of a bigger project called Concerto Trilogy, a collection of three concerti composed for Lapo Vannucci and Luca Torrigiani. The complete project was premiered December 4, 2016 in Bacau, Romania. Please enjoy a live recording of Quattro Canti, get the link by clicking on “read more”.

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  • 14 November 2016

    Farewell Meu Amor

    “Farewell Meu Amor”, American movie directed by Ekwa Msangi, was recently premiered in New York. Francesco wrote the original soundtrack and on the website of the film you can also listen to the track “Farewell”, excerpt from the OST of the film.

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    June 28 , 2018VISUAL PIANO & FRIENDS

    William Susman, piano
    ZoFo Duet, piano four hands
    Michael Hernandez, sax
    Francesco Di Fiore, piano
    Valeria Di Matteo, visuals

    William Susman, Zofo Piano Duo and Michael Hernandez present Francesco Di Fiore. A very special evening with music by William Susman, Francesco Di Fiore and other composers, featuring world and American premieres with Valeria Di Matteo’s visuals.

    55 Taylor Street,
    San Francisco, USA
    April 17 - 24, 2018VISUALPIANO

    Francesco Di Fiore, piano
    Valeria Di Matteo, visuals

    Ryuichi Sakamoto, François Couperin, William Susman, Alessandro Scarlatti, Francesco Di Fiore.

    JAPAN TOUR 2018
    venues tba
    March 08 - 18, 2018LA VEGLIA (The Wake)

    Written and directed by Rosario Palazzolo
    feat. Filippo Luna

    via Roma 258
    * required