• Pianosequenza

    Music from The Truman Show, The Hours, The Sheltering Sky, Amélie, Donnie Darko, The Piano, At precisely Six O’Clock, Balancing Acts, When Medicine Got It Wrong, Secret Journey and many others.

  • Visual Piano

    Visual Piano is a shape-shifting project where piano music and visuals meet and interact, blending contemporary and baroque music.

  • Miniature 2011

    365 days 53 compositions 17 piano four-hands 36 solo piano 207 minutes of music (3 hours and 27 minutes) Miniature 2011 is a collection of compositions for solo piano and piano four-hands composed each week and shared (score and mp3) on my website. The project is a kind of music diary influenced by daily life. […]

  • Visioni

    piano & electronics + video Visioni is a multimedia project for acoustic piano, electronics and video by italian pianist and composer Francesco Di Fiore. Visioni is a single work in eight very different yet subtly related movements. Each movement is linked like the chapters of a book to tell the story of human evolution from […]

  • Male’

    MALE’ piano & electronics Male’ is a composition for piano and electronics, which is divided into 5 segments, three main blocks inspired by the literary works of the Trilogie Noir by Léo Malet and two shorter ‘transizioni’, two interludes that aim to separate the three pillars of the entire work. The music tries to evoke […]

  • HGW

    HGW Project ensemble & electronics Created for Palermo based FOLKALAB Collective, HGW is a multimedia music project based on classic novels by science fiction author H.G. Wells. HGW combines composed structures and sequenced electronics with a strong focus on improvised instrumental performance – alongside these musical elements are visuals, recorded speech/sound and narration. The work […]