Francesco Di Fiore, piano
Valeria Di Matteo, video

Music by Philip Glass, Bear McCreary, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Yann Tiersen, Michael Andrews, Marco Betta, Michel Nyman, Francesco Di Fiore, William Susman.

The “Sequence Shot” (piano-sequenza in Italian) is a film procedure coinciding with an entire sequence which than develops within a single frame. A celebrated film technique, long-analysed, adopted with frequency and in different variations in many cases.
Composer and pianist Francesco Di Fiore, in his new “video-concert” Pianosequenza, is inspired by this and by some of the most popular scores of recent years.

Music from The Truman Show, The Hours, The Sheltering Sky, Amélie, Donnie Darko, The Piano, At precisely Six O’Clock, Balancing Acts, When Medicine Got It Wrong, Secret Journey and many others.
Visuals by Valeria Di Matteo are based on film images.

Pianosequenza-CD-ArtworkZefir Records presents Pianosequenza, a new solo album by Francesco Di Fiore, containing music from film scores by Philip Glass (The Truman Show and The Hours) Yann Tiersen (Amélie), Michael Nyman (The Piano, A Zed and Two Noughts and The Diary of Anne Frank), William Susman (When Medicine Got It Wrong) and Di Fiore himself (At Precisely Six O’Clock).

Pianosequenza has been released on September 4, 2015 by Dutch label Zefir Records.


Past venues:

LIVERPOOL, UK – The Capstone Theatre
BACAU, RO – Sala Ateneu
NANXUN, CN – Grand Theatre
HUZHOU, CN – Grand Theatre
FUZHOU, CN – Grand Theatre
FUQING, CN – Grand Theatre
NANTONG, CN – Grand Theatre
HARBIN, CN – Grand Theatre
SAN BARONTO, IT – XVIII Musicarte Montalbano Festival
NIZZA MONFERRATO, IT – Auditorium Trinità
BAGHERIA, IT – Palazzo Cutò

Visual Piano

Francesco Di Fiore, piano
Valeria Di Matteo, video

Visual Piano is a shape-shifting project where piano music and visuals meet and interact.
It is a captivating and enjoyable journey inside contemporary music, including Francesco Di Fiore’s original music along with pieces by American Philip Glass, David Lang, John Cage and William Susman, British Michael Nyman and Neil Campbell, Dutch Douwe Eisenga, Italian Matteo Sommacal, Japanese Ryuichi Sakamoto.
A distinctive trait of this project is to blend these contemporary compositions with baroque music by Baldassarre Galuppi, François Couperin, Alessandro Scarlatti, Domenico Scarlatti and others.

Past venues:

LIVERPOOL, UK – Spring Season, The Capstone Theatre
MIDDELBURG, NL – Zeeuwse Concert Hall
BACAU, RO – Sala Ateneu
NINGBO, CN – Grand Theatre
ZHUJI, CN – City Theatre
DEZHOU, CN – City Theatre
HANGZHOU, CN – Xingguang Avenue Square
NIZZA MONFERRATO, IT – Concerti e Colline Series, Auditorium Trinità
LOVENO DI MENAGGIO, IT – Riflessi d’Arte Series, Villa Vigoni
LECCO, IT – Fondazione Borsieri
PAOLA, IT – Palazzo Stillo
SHANGHAI, CN – Jing An Kerry Centre
BRATISLAVA, SK – Rakúske kultúrne fórum
SAN FRANCISCO, US – Center for New Music

Miniature 2011

icarus365 days
53 compositions
17 piano four-hands
36 solo piano
207 minutes of music (3 hours and 27 minutes)

Miniature 2011 is a collection of compositions for solo piano and piano four-hands composed each week and shared (score and mp3) on my website. The project is a kind of music diary influenced by daily life. The project started on January 1st 2011 and ended on December 31st, never missing a single appointment to compose each week, every Saturday, for a total of 53 piano pieces and 207 minutes of music.
Artist Giorgio Gristina joined the project creating 53 “figured transcriptions”, one for each composition and composer Douwe Eisenga processed the audio clips of all individual compositions.

Animation by Valeria Di Matteo based on all 53 drawings by Giorgio Gristina
1.llll1 gen1111
2.Vessel8 genvessel
3.Mirror I15 genmirrorI
4.Thought22 genthought
5.Mirror II29 genmirrorII
6.Missing5 febmissing
7.Crag12 febcrag
8.Rain19 febrain
9.Drops26 febdrops
10.Blue (piano four-hands)5 marblue
11.Orange (piano four-hands)12 marorange
12.Mirror III (piano four-hands)19 marmirrorIII
13.Prism (piano four-hands)26 marprism
14.Folktune2 aprfolktune
15.Zoe9 aprzoe
16.Haiku16 aprhaiku
17.Blank23 aprblank
18.Discovery 3/0930 aprdiscovery309
19.Canvas7 magcanvas
20.Observer14 magobserver
21.Mirror IV21 magmirrorIV
22.Spectrum28 magspectrum
23.Green (piano four-hands)4 giugreen
24.Mosaic (piano four-hands)11 giumosaic
25.Skyline (piano four-hands)18 giuskyline
26.Solstice (piano four-hands)25 giusolstice
27.Stream2 lugstream
28.Flight9 lugflight
29.White Dwarf16 lugwhitedwarf
30.Hush23 lughush
31.Mirror V30 lugmirrorV
32.F Time6 agoftime
33.Horizon13 agohorizon
34.Heat20 agoheat
35.Dangling27 agodangling
36.Matteo (piano four-hands)3 setmatteo
37.Landings 9/11 (piano four-hands)10 setlandings_9_11
38.H&G (piano four-hands)17 setHeG
39.Bridge (piano four-hands)24 setbridge
40.River Song1 ottriversong
41.Sketch8 ottsketch
42.Shapes15 ottshapes
43.Yantra22 ottyantra
44.Escape29 ottescape
45.Fall5 novfall
46.Mist12 novmist
47.Ballade19 novballade
48.Echoes26 novechoes
49.Black (piano four-hands)3 dicblack
50.Icarus (piano four-hands)10 dicicarus
51.White (piano four-hands)17 dicwhite
52.Slide (piano four-hands)24 dicslide
53.Reflex (piano four-hands)31 dicreflex


piano & electronics + video

Visioni is a multimedia project for acoustic piano, electronics and video by italian pianist and composer Francesco Di Fiore.
Visioni is a single work in eight very different yet subtly related movements. Each movement is linked like the chapters of a book to tell the story of human evolution from the early origins of mankind to thehuman race’s final inevitable self-destruction.
It is an ideal “life cycle” narrated with music through the eight pieces. In live performance this music is combined with images created by the video artist Valeria Di Matteo.




piano & electronics

Male’ is a composition for piano and electronics, which is divided into 5 segments, three main blocks inspired by the literary works of the Trilogie Noir by Léo Malet and two shorter ‘transizioni’, two interludes that aim to separate the three pillars of the entire work. The music tries to evoke the atmosphere, flavor, vitality, fatigue, all maletian feelings of the ‘black trilogy’, with the turbulence and the calm atmosphere by Malet on which is impossible not to feel affection. The music of Francesco di Fiore is performed live on piano by Valeria Di Matteo and Francesco Di Fiore on electronics with the use of computers and keyboards.

Valeria Di Matteo, piano
Francesco Di Fiore, keyboards and electronics


HGW Project
ensemble & electronics

Created for Palermo based FOLKALAB Collective, HGW is a multimedia music project based on classic novels by science fiction author H.G. Wells.
HGW combines composed structures and sequenced electronics with a strong focus on improvised instrumental performance – alongside these musical elements are visuals, recorded speech/sound and narration. The work is structured in a series of movements corresponding to Herbert George Wells’ novels:


The ensemble for the piece varies from performance to performance in terms of instrumentation and musicians.

In this performance Francesco Di Fiore is leading (in alphabetical order):

  • Mark Brocklesby, drum set and percussions
  • Francesco Calabria, effects
  • Neil Campbell, guitar and electronics
  • Valeria Cimò, voice and percussions
  • Nicole Collarbone, electric cello
  • Mario Crispi, ethnic winds
  • Francesco Di Fiore, piano and electronics
  • Valeria Di Matteo, visuals
  • Andy Maslivec, bass
  • Danilo Rispoli, live electronics

[Live Recording in Palermo, june 25th 2008 at Kursaal Tonnara and in Liverpool UK, november 24th 2008]