The Concerto Trilogy

Francesco just finished his new Pianoconcerto, the Concerto Trilogy is now complete with this third section. The project consists of two solo concertos, for piano and for guitar and orchestra, and a double concerto, already premiered in 2015, for guitar, piano and orchestra. The soloists, who also commissioned the project, are guitarist Lapo Vannucci and pianist Luca Torrigiani. The premiere of the new solo concertos is scheduled for June 2016.

The complete program:

Tre Paesaggi (Three Landscapes) for guitar, piano and orchestra:
1. Alba (Sunrise) – 2. Vette (Peaks) – 3. Maestrale (Mistral)

Quattro Canti (Four Songs) for guitar and orchestra:
1. Al Qasr – 2. Canto del Sole (The song of the Sun) – 3. Don Juan Fernandez Pacheco de Villena y Ascalon – 4. Porta Felice (The Happy Door)

Concerto Ostinato for piano and orchestra:
1. Prologo – 2. Bergamasca – 3. Passacaglia – 4. Intermezzo – 5. Epilogo – 6. Finale.